Aldred – Barrel-Aged

Illuminated beer
A vision without action is merely an hallucination

Michael Kami

  • Inspiration: Barrel-Aged Saison
  • Alcohol by Volume: 5.5% alc./vol.


The Aldred Barrel-Aged consists of our original American saison recipe, to which was added 10% of Vergers de la Colline apple juice and 6% of grapes from the Rivière du Chêne Winery. The blend was then mixed with generous amounts of brettanomyces and aged for 4 months in red wine barrels. As a result, this opalescent blond displays an explosive nose of white flesh fruits and American hops. Its dry, bitter palate surprises the taste buds with its crisp and refreshing character.

Target Clientele

John Edward Aldred was a leader and a visionary. His unwavering faith in his hydroelectric project led him, during the 19th century, to bring people together and raise capital on two different continents, thus giving birth to what later became the most industrialised town in America: Shawinigan. Unique, refreshing and full of character, this beer is a tribute to a self-made man, without whom our town would only be a village.