Bouclier canadien

  • Inspiration: New World Pils
  • Inspiration: Pils du Nouveau-Monde
  • Alcohol by Volume: 5.1% alc./vol.


The Bouclier canadien is a lightly veiled, straw-coloured beer with aromas of fresh grains, almonds and apricot kernels, all of which are crowned by a wonderfully substantial lace. Rich, grainy flavours on the palate give way to a firm bitterness and then stretch out to a yellow fruit finish, like an invitation to celebrate the great camaraderie within the world of beer, from the Rocky Mountains to Newfoundland’s jelly bean houses.



Target Clientele

The Bouclier had a significant impact on Canada’s history, settlement and economic development. In pre-European times, it was a paradise for the Algonquian nomadic hunters who invented the bark canoe so they could travel its countless rivers. Hence, wood runners, travellers and explorers will certainly be delighted with this commemorative nectar.


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