La Bretteuse – Barrel Aged

A wild wild beer
Time is not something you are given, it is something you take.
  • Inspiration: Barrel-Aged IPA
  • Alcohol by Volume: 7.5% alc./vol.


La Bretteuse is an IPA aged at length in Pinot noir et Zinfandel barrels, which contain a large amount of brettanomyces. As a result of this process, this cloudy beer with hints of orange reveals a nose of rose water, grapefruit and vanilla. The acidity and bitterness of the palate engage in a long nuptial waltz, creating a delightful combination of flavours just waiting to be consumed.

Target Clientele

Procrastinators, slackers and anyone who like to put their feet on a table, their chair on two legs and slowly enjoy a great beer.


2014 World Beer Awards (Royaume-Uni) The Americas Bronze Experimental Speciality   
2013 Canadian Brewing Awards (Canada) Médaille d’Argent, Wood and Barrel Aged Sour Beer
2013 World Beer Awards (Royaume-Uni) World’s Best Speciality Beer