Cabron 14

“The older the goat, the harder its horns.”

Belgian proverb

  • Inspiration: Acidic beer inspired by Flanders Reds aged in oak barrels and blended in casks on a bed of sour cherries.
  • Alcohol by Volume: 6.6% alc./vol.


To mark our 14th anniversary, our beer crafters scoured our cellar to find 23 precious treasures which they assembled and let rest with 750 kilos of sour cherries for a month. The result is sublime: 5,400 litres of a reddish beer with an intense nose of cherry pie and discrete notes of balsamic. Flirting with natural wines, the lively and vinous palate features persistent tannins, all of which explodes in a climax like a well-deserved celebration! Find yourself a nice cabrón, or better yet 14, and drink and make merry without separating the sheep from the goats.