Capitaine Simcoe

͞Thus it is the part of a madman, in a calm sea to desire a storm with a head-wind; but that of a wise man, to withstand the storm as best he may''


  • Inspiration: SMaSH sour
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4.8% alc./vol.


Capitaine Simcoe is a SMaSH Sour made of a single type of malt, in this case the Pearl, and of a single strain of hop, the Simcoe. This beer underwent a special treatment from the beginning to the end: sour mashing process,moderate hopping during the boiling phase, followed by a fierce Simcoe attack. The result: A blond with greenish highlights featuring a powerful nose ofKey lime pie and fresh herb aromas. Its tart palate evokes flavours of lemon and passion fruit yogurt, all of which stretch out to a dry and exquisitely fruity finish.

Target Clientele

The intent behind each SMaSh is to help you discover the properties and characteristics of a specific hop strain, this one having the dual intent of paying tribute to American Romanticism. This version is designed for anyone drawn to the open sea, for whale hunters, and for the recreational boaters sailing around Melville Island.