Dougie Style (Barnålskudd sour)

A forest in you glass
  • Inspiration: Forest Ale
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4.2% alc./vol.


Dougie Style is an amber beer with a delicate head. Its nose evokes undergrowth, juniper berry and conifer aromas. The palate brings forward an extremely delicious mix of herbal sour candy, gin and juniper berry flavours, all of which create an effect of tonic astringency.

Target Clientele

This beer is like a Christmas party in your mouth any time of year. Inspired by the twisted mind of our Albertan friend Doug Checknita, a biologist-brewer intern, with the help of famous Swiss beerologist Laurent Mousson, the expertise of Carmen and Patrick from Bellwood Brewery, and under the watchful eye of André Trudel, our beloved master brewer, this beer is an adorable monster. The concept: an oat and buckwheat beer turned sour during the mashing stage, aged 18 months in red wine barrels with wild yeasts from the local forests, finished with champagne yeasts, and finally macerated with fresh pine tree shoots and juniper berries.