Dulcis Succubus – Barrel-Aged

  • Inspiration: Wild Saison
  • Alcohol by Volume: 7.5% alc./vol.


Having aged up to twelve months in oak barrels of Californian botrytised white wine, this beer offers a complex scent of honeyed grape, vanilla, apricot and leather due to addition of wild yeast. Its ample and generous taste also lets peach and American hops come through.

Target Clientele

Translated from Latin, ‘Dulcis Succubus’ means a sweet succubus, a female demon appearing in dreams who takes the form of a human woman in order to seduce men. She is both dreaded and desired… There you go, you have been warned: once you taste it, you will be asking for it … for eternity. This beer is intended for sour candy lovers, dreamers and epicures ready to sell their soul to be forever indulged in beauty.


2017 Prix du public volet bière (Canada) Gold Medal
2016 Canadian Brewing Awards (Canada) Silver Medal, American Style Brett Beer
2015 World Beer Awards (Royaume-Uni) Gold Medal - Canada - Wood Aged Beer
2015 Canadian Brewing Awards (Canada) Bronze Medal, American Style Brett Beer
2015 Prix du public volet bière (Canada) Grand Gold Medal, Bière à dominante sauvage
2011 Canadian Brewing Awards (Canada) Gold Medal, Wood and Barrel Aged Sour Beer