English Bitter

Elementary my dear Watson!

Sherlock Holmes

  • Inspiration: English Bitter
  • Alcohol by Volume: 3.4% alc./vol.


English Bitter is an amber beer, a British public house classic. On the nose, smooth and crispy malt aromas dominate this light beer. On the palate, the bitterness is firm and green despite the sustained presence of grains and biscuits. The generous finish and typically bitter, classic hops from this beautiful island inevitably arouse one’s craving for the next sip.

Target Clientele

Second chapter of a typically British series, this Bitter is designed for those who appreciate rich and tasty classic beers and for readers of Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle. With its low alcohol content, this beer is without a shadow of a doubt Sherlock Holmes’ chosen refreshment after an unsuccessful investigation of Professor Moriarty’s activities.

“You must know, my dear Watson, that a pint of Bitter on Baker Street will not lead us to the solution, but my instinct tells me that all this bitterness is not going to keep us away from it either… Elementary, my dear Watson!”