When you've got so much to say it's called gratitude. And that's right.


  • Inspiration: Pilsner / Saison
  • Inspiration: Pilsner / Saison
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4% alc./vol.


Gratitude is the fruit of a collaboration and friendship with Tim Adams, from the Oxbow Brewery in Maine. As we share the same passion for craftsmanship and traditions as well as innovation and the present moment, we decided to brew a fresh and dry Pilsner, just the way we like them, with a great deal of taste-bud-teasing Alsatian hops.

This rustic Saison base brewed with raw, malted spelt and fermented with a Lager yeast is a hybrid that combines the richness of the grain and the finesse of a bottom fermentation. The result: an unfiltered, generously dry-hopped thirst-quenching beer with great effervescence that features resinous, but extremely refreshing, notes.

Target Clientele

This offering reminds us of the pleasure of sharing a beer with friends and feeling grateful for the good times and good things in life, while we rock out to the Beastie Boys.