Kryptonite Sour

  • Inspiration: Sour North East IPA
  • Alcohol by Volume: 6% alc./vol.


With its cloudy, orange hue, this beer clearly displays its obvious and prominent “North East” style, result of an intense dry hopping process. Giving off aromas of lime and passion fruit, it paves the way for the most aromatic tasting experience. On the palate, the sharp acidity evokes flavours of white grapefruit, lime, orange and mandarin. Its smooth body, delivered by oats and wheat, gives it a depth that balances the flavours and extends the pleasure to a dry and refreshing finish.

Target Clientele

No need to be superwoman or superman to appreciate the gustatory virtues of this skillful beverage with a dual identity which has the capacity to stoke the flame between Lois Lane and Clark Kent and fuel a good debate with Lex Luthor. Cosplay fanatics will feel like they’re being momentarily transported to Metropolis, while onlookers, a glass in hand, will look up to the sky and shout: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!