Biscornue Honey Nut Brown Ale

  • Inspiration: Honey Nut Brown Ale
  • Alcohol by Volume: 5% alc./vol.


Darker than her little sister, the Biscornue Honey Nut Brown Ale has a rusty-brown colour with red highlights and is topped with a robust white head. The nose gives off nice aromas of brown sugar, honey and hazelnuts. Carbonated in the English fashion, it is less bitter than the pale ale, and rather gives way to the honeyed and nutty taste brought on by the delicious malt. The spicy and earthy hops then enhance those flavours in a sweet finish.

Target Clientele

Unconditional fans of the regular Biscornue will find in it a wonderful mistress. It will arouse their curiosity and seduce them with its malty charm, without, however, taking them far out of their comfort zone.