La Blanche de Shawi

Unfortunately for virtue, vice often has fine skin, white teeth and a smooth complexion.

Théophile Gautier

  • Inspiration: Wheat Beer
  • Alcohol by Volume: 5% alc./vol.


With its wheat-coloured opal tinge, this beer draws a fine veil of foam lace with each sip. Its scent recalls citrus delicately spiced with coriander and lemon. Our taste buds first enjoy the great softness of its wheat and then alternates between sweet and sour. It’s sweet in the finish and very refreshing.

Target Clientele

This beer will satisfy anyone looking to quench their thirst on a sunny summertime patio. Many people enjoy white beers as they offer a subtle bitterness, as well as interesting and refreshing fruity aromas.


2018 European Beer Star (Germany) Bronze Medal - Belgian-Style Witbier
2017 World Beer Awards (Royaume-Uni), Canada’s Best Witbier – Wheat Beer Belgian Style Witbier
2016 World Beer Awards (Royaume-Uni), Canada’s Best Belgian Style Witbier Beer
2015 World Beer Awards (Royaume-Uni), Bronze Medal - Canada - Belgian Style Witbier
2015 Canadian Brewing Awards (Canada), Silver Medal, Wheat Beer – Belgian Style White/Wit