La Brett Hopsession

By Vinicio

  • Inspiration: New World Brett Session Pale Ale
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4% alc./vol.


This opalescent blond beer with soft green highlights gives off a nose of white peaches, spices and crunchy hops, which are overlaid with delicate aromas of wild floral and rustic yeasts. On the palate, it features notes of citrus and the vinous flavour of brettanomyces. The finish offers a light but persistent bitterness, as well as a vivid effervescence that energizes both body and mind. The result is a great thirst-quenching beer.


Target Clientele

La Brett Hopsession is the third beer of a series commemorating the 10 years of work of a member of the Trou du Diable’s team. Designed and brewed by Vinicio Micho Ruiz Bourcier, this beer will please anyone filled with gratitude or wishing to raise their well-deserved glass in cheers to one of the cornerstones of our brewery.

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