La Cholie Fräulein

  • Inspiration: Dunkelweizen
  • Alcohol by Volume: 6.8% alc./vol.


Cholie Fräulein is a German brown beer with copper highlights and a thin body. Its nose gives off caramel, coffee and hazelnut aromas. Its palate offers, to anyone who dares to sip it, malty and fruity notes, the sum of which stretches out to a round and slightly vinous finish.


Target Clientele


The dunkle, traditionally brewed in Munich, is the ultimate Bavarian style of beer. Contrary to strongly bitter beers which are increasing in number, its malty profile will seduce any Bavarian at heart. Nonetheless, you must remain cautious! At 6.8% alcohol content, one may easily be cajoled by a Cholie Fräulein…