La Grosse Brute

  • Inspiration: Brut IPA
  • Alcohol by Volume: 7.5% alc./vol.


With its exceptional translucency, La Grosse Brute presents a bouquet of spicy Belgian yeasts, pineapple and green apples. On the palate it features a dry but full-bodied feel with aromas of Chardonnay, white grapes and brettanomyces, all of which culminate in a long, exotic finish.

Target Clientele

Just like your high school’s hulking brute, this beer will mark your life forever, but without any feeling of bitterness. And just like the multitude of different personalities around us, the blend of aromas will bring you to greatly appreciate your environment. Without losing control, you will tame this hoppy tyrant. From this tormentor finally being put under pressure will arise the desire to build new friendships. While enjoying your ability to savour it over and over again, denounce the availability of this potion to all social justice enthusiasts. $1 per glass will be donated to Équijustice Centre-de-la-Mauricie/Mékinac. Developing a fair and accessible justice system for all by inviting people to collectively engage in the management of the difficulties they’ve experienced and by offering support while respecting their rights and diversity.