La Mouss’cornue

  • Inspiration: Anglo-American Pale Ale with a Swiss Little Something
  • Alcohol by Volume: 5% alc./vol.


La Mouss’cornue got its name from the famous Swiss beerologist Laurent Mousson who took part in the design of this brew, following the 2011 Montréal’s Mondial de la Bière. La Mouss’cornue is therefore the Biscornue’s daughter. As a result, this amber and crystal clear beer has a refreshing nose featuring notes of orange, blackberry and hop cones. Its thirst-quenching palate presents a malty and fruity profile, on which the English yeasts leave their typical caramel signature. The finish, strongly characterized by American hop aromas, lingers on at length.

Target Clientele

The moustache is an accessory, but exuberant, male attribute. It was, of course, unessential to transform our classic pale ale to give it the legendary exuberance of our Swiss friend. However, it has been very pleasant to create a great and truly Swiss tasting beer, brewed in honour of friendships that transcend borders.