La Pénurie

  • Inspiration: IPA
  • Alcohol by Volume: 5.5% alc./vol.


The worldwide hops shortage is no secret to anyone anymore. In reaction to this, we’ve decided to contribute in our own way by creating our own Pénurie. The result: A strongly hoppy IPA, but always in accordance with raw materials’ availability.

NB: This beer serie was created in 2008 while we had to scratch every exisiting drawers to find hops. Tough times!

Target Clientele

Since this beer’s cereal components will always stay the same, it will be easy to note the difference in taste reflected by the hops variety. IPA enthusiasts will be delighted by this product, as will beer explorers, Epicureans, compulsive tasters and scientists. Don’t hesitate! Take notes and tell us which brew you preferred best.