La Saison Morte

  • Inspiration: Rye Saison
  • Alcohol by Volume: 7.2% alc./vol.


La Saison Morte is a lightly veiled amber beer with aromas of candy and roasted rye. Its palate offers a brief sensation of rounded malty flavours led by a vivid effervescence. All of these aromas promptly give way to a spicy waltz that leads to a dry finish; the taster then understands its outstanding digestibility that the daydream-inducing, high alcohol content hides.

Target Clientele

Back in the days, during the month of March, Belgian brewers used to concoct a beer for the farm’s seasonal workers. As this style allows for a great amount of creativity, the Trou du diable offers you a version which will please farm operators and Reader’s Digest readers alike while they await the return of the tourist season.