La Traction ale

  • Inspiration: Old Ale
  • Alcohol by Volume: 3.8% alc./vol.


La Traction ale is a blond beer with greenish highlights and is characterized just as much by its low alcohol content as by its generous hopping process. Its nose reveals hints of fruits and malt which evoke “Froot Loops” flavours. Its palate, malty and bitter, like a true ode to refreshments, stretches out to a dry and lemony finish, which makes it the ideal companion when drinking seems to be an unavoidable necessity.

Target Clientele

The Trou du diable’s team loves snow. Is it not beautiful when it gently falls from the sky or when it is fiercely blown by the biting wind? Does it not contribute to illuminating those days when the lack of light is just so cruel? However, it must be said that after getting his car out of the snowbank and shovelling two feet of it in his driveway, one starts feeling thirsty and needs to comfort his soul. This beer is designed for winter lovers and haters alike. They both perfectly know that, in the adversity of the harsh season, it is better to laugh than cry about it.