L’Affaire Dreyfus

An Isle du diable beer
Time is never-ending

Captain Dreyfus' diary, October 6th, 1895

  • Inspiration: Neo-Belgian Brown Ale
  • Alcohol by Volume: 3.7% alc./vol.


L’Affaire Dreyfus is a brown beer with a nice sustaining head and a nose that evokes herbaceous, citrusy candy aromas and light notes of spice. On the palate, dominating malt flavours give way to a pleasant foretaste of roast and coffee. Trappist yeasts complete the experience by punctuating the finish with hints of spice.

Target Clientele

First of the Devil’s Island series, this neo-Trappist, dry and hoppy beer is an ode to Capitain Alfred Dreyfus’ resilience after being unjustly deported and imprisoned in a penal colony on Devil’s Island in French Guiana. This case provoked a passionate debate at the end of the 19th century and there is no doubt that this beer will do the same in this beginning of the second millennium. A part of this beer is also currently imprisoned and fermenting in Hérisson barrels, its conditional release being schedule for fall 2017.

Brewed in collaboration with l’Isle de garde (Montréal).