• Inspiration: Sticke Alt
  • Inspiration: Sticke Alt
  • Alcohol by Volume: 5.5% alc./vol.


The Altesse is a brown ale with ruby highlights. It offers royal aromas of malt, chocolate, crème brûlée and blue grapes with almost no scent of hops. The Altesse first conquers the palate with a roasting and dark coffee taste mixed with the bitterness of noble, straightforward and crunchy hops. Its malted finish is long in mouth and displays notes of burned caramel and a fine taste of pleasant yeast that concludes the experience.

Target Clientele

Altbier are also called Düsseldorfs in honour of the city where the style originated. Beer fans of the neighbour city Cologne will undoubtedly like this more complex beer since it’s a Sticke Alt (Secret Alt). Those Magnum PI fanatics will also recall that between two expensive bottles of wine stolen from Higgins, he liked to chug down a good “Old Düsseldorf”.