Le P’tit jus

  • Inspiration: Peach IPA
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4.7% alc./vol.


Le P’tit jus is an IPA which underwent a 2-month-long maceration process with a blend of 330 pounds of peaches form Ontario, Red Velvet apricots and Mont-Royal plums. It features a vibrant, golden hue with purplish highlights, and is topped with a pure ivory head from which emerge enticing aromas of fresh peach juice, plum brandy and green hops. Its palate sways freely between flavours, leaving it up to the taster to identify which of the fruity flavours he prefers.


Target Clientele

Le P’tit Jus is designed for those in search of the endless summer, fruit-pickers and music lovers who gorge themselves with tropical music.