Le Roi Concombre

  • Inspiration: Ale californienne à l’avoine
  • Inspiration: Ale californienne à l’avoine
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4.1% alc./vol.


This variation of a California Ale underwent a month-long maceration process with 50 kg of organic cucumbers and 150 kg of organic watermelons and cantaloupe. These cucurbits come from the Campanipol farm in Ste-Geneviève-de-Batiscan.

Le Roi Concombre is an opalescent blond with a slightly orange hue and a very light body. Cucumber is king on the nose and is accompanied by aromas of exotic fruits with hints of Sauvignon Blanc, courtesy of a delicate dry hopping process. The palate is dry and full of fruit and features a cucumber flavour that slowly gives way to watermelon and cantaloupe which, combined, lead to a perfectly smooth finish.

Target Clientele

Theinhko was a pagan king from about 934 to 956. According to the Burmese chronicles, the king was assassinated by a countryman who owned the farm from which he stole a cucumber. To prevent unrest in the kingdom, the queen was forced to grant the peasant entry to the palace. Dressed in the king’s garb, the peasant was thereby nicknamed the “Cucumber King”. It seems the tale, which was thought for thousands of years to be merely a legend, has, in fact, come true…