• Inspiration: Double IPA
  • Inspiration: IPA with experimental hops
  • Alcohol by Volume: 7.5% alc./vol.


L’Expérience is the fruit of a clandestine collection of classified information on the excessive use of HBC-430 and HBC-462 hops, and their effect on the human body. As our results must remain in utmost secrecy, let’s just say that it is a ————— beer with a palate that —————— and —————- strangely reminiscent of ————— grapefruit.


Target Clientele

L’Expérience is a top-secret project intended to please that handful of die-hard followers constantly searching for alpha-acids. Every OSS 117 fan, men surrounded by women and the women who surround them will, with great pleasure, be infiltrated by this secret agent.