Nano Kryptonite

Moderation has never tasted better!

Stephane Thibodeau

  • Inspiration: North East IPA
  • Alcohol by Volume: 1.5% alc./vol.


Nano Kryptonite is the classic Kryptonite’s little sister. With its yellow, opaque hue worthy of Florida’s greatest orange and grapefruit juices, this Nano 1.5% NEIPA has nothing to envy its counterparts. On the nose, the tremendous amount of hops prepares you for a burst of sunshine in your mouth. After a big swig, we are blessed with a straightforward and addictive bitterness. The tasting goes on with typical flavours of passion fruit, citrus and tropical fruits.

Target Clientele

This festive beer was specially designed for those long evenings when we go to bed late while still being reasonable. A highly satisfying, but very little incriminating beer. While we are not suggesting this is liquid breakfast, this beer can accompany any type of meal, at any time of the day. Moderation has never tasted better!