Quadruple Bypass X Voss

  • Inspiration: Belgian quadrupel
  • Alcohol by Volume: 11.9% alc./vol.


Result of a sincere friendship, this beer not only brings two breweries together, but also many cultures. Inspired by quadruple abbey beers, and then boiled in a copper cauldron over an open fire, under the benevolent gaze of the Lønahorgi Mountain, Bypass is infused with juniper branches and mountain rowan berries picked on the same day, and then enhanced with a large quantity of maple syrup aged in Bourbon barrels.

As a result, this colourful, solid and robust beer is a true Bifrost with half the soul of the city of Voss, and half the soul of Shawinigan.

330ml cans
Private import – Voss Bryggeri (Norway)