Québec Brettneck

All I need is a pickup truck, a gun and a chainsaw.

Mononc' Serge

  • Inspiration: 100% Québec Brett Beer
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4% alc./vol.



Opalescent blond with straw-blonde highlights, this beer, exclusively fermented with brettanomyces yeasts, is made from 100% Quebecois ingredients. On the nose, the first fragrances bring on childhood memories of chewy sour peach candies. Rose water scents then intertwine with notes of orange blossoms, leading the taster on a lazy journey to the undergrowth of Mauricie. It smells so good! At the first sip, the fruit is still present and dominated by aromas of cedar and woodland fruit. The second sip is characterized by a dry bitterness which, in retro-olfaction, brings us back to the undergrowth.

Target Clientele

This thirst-quenching beer could have been brewed in the back of a pick-up truck by a hermit-survivalist from Haute-Mauricie. Running in the woods, his 12-gauge shotgun in one hand and his chainsaw in the other, he dreams of gluttonously drinking it down while hunting for game from his porch. In reality, it was brewed in our good old Shawinigan brewpub while we were listening to the song “Ogunquit” from Mononc’ Serge.