Roi Arthur

  • Inspiration: Round table beer
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4% alc./vol.


Roi Arthur is a low-gravity beer that is specifically designed, like the saisons that helped field workers beat the heat back in the day, to quench the thirst of barmen, while keeping them alert. Its nose features soft notes of caramel that are coated with a layer of earthy hops and spices. The palate offers a thin body with opposing flavours, bitterness and sweetness, that line up in a perfect balance to the great delight of bartenders and their customers.

Target Clientele

This beer was designed by Jean-Mathieu Boisvert to celebrate his 10 years of service at the TDD. It will please anyone who’s celebrating an exploit, achieving something exceptional or simply wishing, as in the present case, to drink to the health of someone important.