Roland Garceau, we salute you!

The Trou du dioable founders

  • Inspiration: Double IPA
  • Alcohol by Volume: 8% alc./vol.


Rolantide XX IPA is poured with aplomb and cheerfully colours the glass which receives it with an opalescent blond. Like a gentle hand in a horsehair glove, its fruity and sweet nose hides a strong character. Its palate is an explosion of pear, lychee, citrus and passion fruit aromas, all of which are supported by a soft roundness and accentuated by a strong alcohol presence that gives way to a lingering bitterness. Complex!

Target Clientele

These days, keeping the same job for XX years is an achievement in itself: doing so while helping hundreds of young entrepreneurs fulfil their dream is worthy of mention. This man was hiding, at the turn of the millennium, behind the first door on which we knocked. During the five-year pilgrimage we had to undertake before the Trou du diable began operating, he stood by our sides, always convinced of the outcome of this long battle. He is a knight, a mentor and a builder…