Saison du Coton ouaté

  • Inspiration: American Farmhouse Ale
  • Alcohol by Volume: 6% alc./vol.


Saison du Coton ouaté is a fluffy American Farmhouse Ale beer that offers a silky mouthfeel and a generous, rich head. Its cloudy yellow hue evokes beautiful summer days and foreshadows a fall of abundant harvests. The sweetness of wheat and oats envelops the aromas of mangoes and passion fruit brought forth by a generous hopping. The typical nose of Farmhouse yeasts offers rather peppery and spicy notes. Its dry palate is enlivened by biting hops.

Target Clientele

For many, what we call “sweater weather” south of the border is synonymous with cocooning and coziness. Leaves fall, days get shorter, frost covers windshields in the early morning and the first snowflakes settle on forgotten Halloween decorations. This is when the most sensitive to the cold seek warmth. And this is exactly the cozy comfort that this 6% beer will offer, recalling the pleasure of putting on a brand new hoodie.