SMaSH Challenger

“SMaSH, the beer that makes everything alright!”
  • Inspiration: IPA
  • Inspiration: SMaSH
  • Alcohol by Volume: 5.5% alc./vol.


SMaSH got its name from the English expression “single malt, single hop”.  Hence, it is made of a single type of malt, the Marris Otter, and a single strain of hop, in this case the Challenger, an English hop strain with mild spicy aromas.  Its palate first presents pleasant fruity and spicy flavours that then deliver a slightly bitter finish with hints of cedar and green tea.


Target Clientele

The intent behind each SMaSh is to help you discover the properties and characteristics of a specific hop strain. Just like a boxer in the ring, this challenger will catch you off guard with an unexpected hook of atypical esters for a New World beer, and an uppercut that will leave you sitting down in a heavenly bliss. Just throw in the towel! “SMaSH, the beer that makes everything alright!”