SMaSH Rakau

  • Inspiration: SMaSH
  • Inspiration: SMaSH
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4.7% alc./vol.


Smash Rakau is made of pale malt and Rakau hops from New Zealand. It features a nose with fragrances of conifers, white flowers and Asian pears complemented by a touch of honey that hints at a soft and slightly sweet finish. The palate offers notes of citrus, tangerines, apricots and blackcurrants accompanied by a nice mineral freshness present throughout.

Target Clientele

In each hardcore beer lover lives a warrior and an explorer. In this case, he is called to travel to the other side of the world to discover the incredible flavour that this unique strain of hop from New Zealand has to offer; upon this journey, he will have to slay dangerous beasts who try to convince him to take the easy road by indulging in unworthy beverages. Remember this brother: a warrior does not eat corn, but hops, he doesn’t care which colour the mountain is and he doesn’t need someone else to recognize his true nature.