St-André-Claymore aux cerises

  • Inspiration: Cherry Scotch Ale
  • Alcohol by Volume: 9% alc./vol.


Though brown at first glance, upon closer examination you discover a ruby red beer which can sometimes elude you beneath its unfiltered veil. Its scent is dominated by malt and caramelized sugar but also lets through an aroma of fruit that recalls cherry or blackcurrant. Upon the first sip, you are caught by surprise by a sudden rush of alcohol, which quickly gives way to flavours of Scottish caramel and candied fruit and lead to a generous, ample and textured finish. The head clings to the glass following each sip, much like the person drinking it! This version of the St-André was patiently macerated with Morello cherries from the village Charette in the Mauricie region. This process emphasizes this nectar’s existing candied fruit taste.

Target Clientele

A beer made for warriors handling a Claymore sword, for kilt wearers and every strong and tasty beer lover. Once known as the Claymore, this beer now bears the name of St-André thus honouring the patron of Scotland and also our master brewer who bears the same name.


2010 Mondial de la Bière de Montréal (Canada) Médaille d'Agent du public
2009 Mondial de la Bière de Montréal (Canada) Médaille d'Or du public
2008 Mondial de la Bière de Montréal (Canada) Médaille d'Or du public