Stout de Bourgogne

  • Inspiration: Fruit Stout
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4.6% alc./vol.


Featuring dark, reddish highlights, Stout de Bourgogne is topped with a thick pinkish head from which emerge aromas of mocha and red berries.  On the palate, blackcurrant flavours and underlying notes of blueberries come together to balance the primary ingredients’ bitterness and roasted character.  The finish is generous and smooth and features notes of chocolate and berries.

Target Clientele

The giant octopus feeds mainly on shellfish such as crab. Occasionally, it eats fish, sharks and even other types of octopuses, but it also loves berries. Sometimes misguided sailors venture out to sea after a prosperous day of gathering and thus harvest the fruits of their carelessness. This beer is designed for cautious sailing enthusiasts, as well as worshippers of Cthulhu.