Surf & Turf

  • Inspiration: Wild Saison aged in Brunello casks
  • Alcohol by Volume: 6.6% alc./vol.


Surf & Turf is an orange-hued beer with a lively effervescence that features a thin body and an ephemeral head. It releases a pleasant bouquet of peaches and apricots with subtle notes of caramel. The palate evokes the classic tartaric, mouthwatering rolled sweet and sour candies. Designed to be enjoyed both at sea and on land, Surf & Turf is intended for idealists, bearers of hope, but mainly for anyone who wishes to express their admiration for outstanding women, with inborn resilience, for whom any demonstration of courage translates to gracefulness.

Heidi Levasseur

Trifluvian by adoption, Heidi is world renowned in open water swimming. This exceptional athlete cherishes the dream of becoming the first woman to swim across the Atlantic Ocean. Through this daring undertaking, she also aims to foster her peers’ engagement in protecting and preserving our oceans.

A boat with an experienced crew will accompany her from Dakar, Senegal, all the way to Recife, Brazil, so she can accomplish this unprecedented feat: crossing 3000 kilometres powered by 2 million strokes!


Tammara Thibeault

Adopted member of the Shawinigan community, Tammara represents the next generation of Canadian boxing. She trains tirelessly with the aim of winning a medal at the next Olympics in Tokyo. To qualify for the games, the resilient boxer must make the top 3 at the next continental and world championships, which will be held in Peru and Russia respectively, and also at the official Olympic qualifications in Argentina and France.

For each bottle of Surf & Turf sold, $2.50 will go to the athletes.