V – Barrel-Aged

  • Inspiration: Scotch Ale Aged in Jack Daniel's Barrels
  • Alcohol by Volume: 9% alc./vol.


Produced in a small volume, the V gained fame by barrelling its way to Tennessee. Its white and generous head sits atop a reddish liquid, a color that stems from ageing in bourbon oak barrels. Its scent is reminiscent of sherry and hazelnut with a sweet note that transforms into vanilla-flavoured bourbon. Upon first sip, one feels the full effervescence of bubbles in which bitterness has been replaced by hints of burnt oak and chocolatey malts by sweet caramel. The finish is fully round and lets the drinker enjoy the typical Tennessee flavours.

Target Clientele

Five years ago, five young adults united their fifty fingers to build tomorrow’s world. After numerous experiments, they came up with a beer that would make Tennessee whiskey lovers quiver with joy. This exceptional beer is intended for connoisseurs or for those looking to share a special moment with an unusual beer. Cheers and happy celebration to you too!