Weizgripp Indiaweizen

  • Inspiration: Hopfenweizen
  • Inspiration: Hopfenweizen
  • Alcohol by Volume: 5% alc./vol.


The India Weizen is the 6th beer that was launched under the name Weizgripp, a term we use to designate German beers brewed with a large proportion of wheat. This version is a veiled red beer topped with a white and lasting head. The work of the yeasts resulted in a very pleasant nose with hints of pink pepper, clove and ripe bananas. The palate, acidulous and refreshing, follows the same theme before being complimented by a dry and biting finish.

Target Clientele

According to legend, a German monk, in search of new horizons, went to India during the English colonial days. He quickly became nostalgic for the refreshing weizens he used to drink on hot days in Bavaria. Unfortunately, these beers reacted very badly to the long trip and were often spoiled upon arrival. He then had the idea of adding a big scoop of hops to the mix, a natural preservative. Since then, every Bollywood hero uses this beer as a tonic, the effectiveness of which is indisputable.