• Inspiration: Forest Pale Ale
  • Alcohol by Volume: 4.5% alc./vol.


Widewood is a collaborative festival beer designed for culture aficionados and created in tribute to the Festival de la Solidarité musicale Widewood. This forest Pale Ale, crowned with pine needles and fir shoots, is brewed with the range of hops of Chinook, Glacier, Green Bullet, Cascade and Centennial. Its grapefruit notes are enhanced by punchy hints of pine, all of which orchestrates into a refreshing and thirst-quenching finish. Effervescent and emerging, its head will make the mustache of a newbie entering a mustache contest alluring and epic. One thing is certain, it will tantalize your taste buds at each sip.

Target Clientele

The Widewood is certainly a delight to be enjoyed while head banging and stomping your feet. It will awaken the festival-goer in each of us. It's the ultimate fuel for those gathering for a game of horseshoes and also gives festival volunteers an energy boost. It is highly advisable for those whose throat is as dry as their acoustic guitar. Long live the king, until next year! https://www.widewood.net/