Wiggle Wiggle

Don’t stop movin’, baby. Only booties drive me crazy. Wiggle wiggle, wiggle wiggle
  • Inspiration: 100% Brett Imperial Stout
  • Alcohol by Volume: 10.5% alc./vol.


Wiggle Wiggle is a 100% Brett-fermented Imperial Stout that will definitely inspire you to wiggle your hips. Black with shiny highlights reminiscent of glossy 90s lipsticks, it gives off aromas of candied berries and a sweet scent of fine liqueur. On the palate, this beer is round and invigorating. The finish is fruity and features notes of cherries, raisins, figs and toasted bread.

Target Clientele

Fruit of a wacky collaboration with our friends from Ras l’Bock in St-Jean-Port-Joli, Wiggle Wiggle is a decadent beer which reminds us that craziness and friendship go hand in hand. ENERGY ENERGY ENERGY Wiggle wiggle, don’t stop