Ze Blène

  • Inspiration: Blend of barrel-aged beers
  • Inspiration: Blend of sour beers
  • Alcohol by Volume: 6% alc./vol.


Ze Blène is a blend of barrel aged sour beers dry hopped with Hull Melon and Hallertau Blanc. This process results in a cloudy beer with Lambic aromas which evoke flavours of melon, strawberry and eucalyptus. Its palate, sour and lemony, inflames the taster’s ardour.



Target Clientele

It is the first beer of a series of sour beers created to incite envy leading up to the Trou du diable’s 10th anniversary. It is designed for all of those who take pleasure in concocting a homemade dressing and who would never buy a birthday cake packed in an aluminum tray.