Ze Flaoueur Blène

  • Inspiration: Blend of sour beers macerated with pink pepper and rose petals
  • Alcohol by Volume: 6% alc./vol.


Blend of sour beers aged in barrels, in which have macerated rose petals, lavender and pink pepper. This process results in a beer with an explosive nose that reveals enhancing flavours. Hence, the taster is compelled to openly express all of the benefits he experiences.

Target Clientele

Third one of a series of sour beers created to incite envy leading up to the Trou du diable’s 10th anniversary, this blend is designed for those who appreciate the beauty of ephemeral things. Those who take pleasure in watching the sun set or a child sleeping. Those who smell roses and can appreciate pepper, without spraying it in the eyes of people who do not share their opinion.