Ze Frouti Blène

  • Inspiration: Blend of sour beers macerated with peaches
  • Alcohol by Volume: 6.0% alc./vol.


It is a blend of sour beers aged in barrels in which have macerated 200 kilos of peaches for 30 days. This process results in a beer featuring a nose of peach candies and a sharp acidity that is balanced by the sugar of the stone fruit. The taster, suddenly moved by feelings of affection, can hardly contain his excitement.

Target Clientele

Fourth one of a series of sour beers created to incite envy leading up to the Trou du diable’s 10th anniversary, this blend is designed for those who commit venial sins. Yes, they will be forgiven for drinking it a second time… And why not a third time! Like a drosophila around a bowl of fruits, the chewy and sour candy lover won’t be able to resist the Frouti Blène!