Our beers

For two thousand years, beer crafters have been searching for perfection. This explains, perfection being quite subjective, the metamorphosis of this product in response to societies changing trends and needs. During the 1920s, beer went from being a complex and subtle tasting beverage to being a product mostly consumed for its thirst-quenching and euphoric effects. Fortunately, for some years now, the microbrewery industry has been flourishing and beerophiles are proliferating.

To contribute to this movement, our brewpub offers a periodically rotating selection of 16 different beers, including many which have been aged in oak barrels and a few harder to find imports.  At our new brewery, affectionately called “The Shop”, we bottle more than fifteen different beers throughout the year which will please neophytes and satisfy the connoisseurs alike.  Ask for our beers at your favourite pubs, restaurants, and grocery or convenience stores.