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Regardez au loin… Voyez vous cette tempête qui arrive vers la Mauricie? Elle a déjà fait tous les continents en laissant les gens qui la vécurent bouche-bée et béats. Les gars de Beyond Creation ont tourné avec les légendes que sont Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Gorod et Vomitory en plus de participer à de prestigieux festivals comme le Hellfest et le HeavyMTL. Attachez votre tuque de métal avec du barbelé et préparez-vous à repousser les limites de la musique avec Beyond Creation.


Beyond Creation was formed in 2005 in Montreal, Canada by Simon Girard (guitar/vocals) and Nicolas Domingo Viotto (guitar). For the first few years, they worked on their music without the right musicians to turn the project into a live band. In 2008, Guyot Begin-Benoit joined as the drummer while Nicolas left the to be replaced by Kevin Chartré (Brought by Pain, Unhuman), a good friend. Beyond Creation was ready to hit the stage in 2010, when Dominic « Forest » Lapointe (Ex-Quo Vadis, Augury, Teramobil, Ex-Atheretic), completed the formation with his six-string fretless bass.

A year later, the band self-released their debut full-length album « The Aura », which became a highlight in the genre. Since then, Beyond Creation has been known as the progressive, innovative and exciting new metal sound of their homeland, Quebec. Blazing their own trail through hard work, originality and a fresh perspective on the metal scene, their fanbase kept growing as fast as their will to push the boundaries of the style. In late 2012, the band had Philippe Boucher (Ex-First Fragment, Incandescence, Chthe’ilist, Décombres) take Guyot’s place on drums.

They joined Season Of Mist Record Label in 2013, re-releasing « The Aura » touring North America on the Decibel Magazine Tour with giants Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death and Immolation and in Japan with Sweden’s Vomitory. In 2014, they performed several shows, festivals and tours in US/Canada. Their second album, ‘’Earthborn Evolution’’ was released towards the end of the year, right before their Australian tour direct supporting Ne Obliviscaris and their second time in Japan with Mors Principium Est on a sold out tour.

The next year started with the addition of Hugo Doyon-Karout (Brought by Pain, Equipoise, Conflux Collective) as the new bassist. Always looking to increase their visibility and fanbase, they embarked on the Summer Slaughter Tour in support of Arch Enemy, Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya, The Acacia Strain and Cattle Decapitation. Beyond Creation also played the large-scale summer festivals; Heavy MTL and Amnesia Rockfest and ended the year touring with heavy weights; Hate Eternal and Misery Index. In early 2016, they got featured at the largest music trade show, NAMM, representing their partnership with Strandberg guitars. They then headlined their first appearance in Mexico, which included a sold out show in Mexico City and just got back from their first shows in Eastern Canada with Gorod.

Catch them on the road on the recently announced North American Tours and stay tuned, Beyond Creation will continue to crush the metal scene and have more international tours to announce this year!

Beyond Creation performing at 170 Russell St, Melbourne


Unbeing is a progressive instrumental rock/metal band that was created in 2006 and has undergone a constant evolution on each release. Their songs have gathered critical praise from press outlets around the world. Their music stands out in its ability to surprise the listener while experimenting in tones and moods that truly fuel the imagination.

[These] guys are AWESOME!”— James Labrie, Dream Theater


The best Montreal-based band!”— Phil « Landryx » Landry, ex-Unexpect


If you like instrumental progressive metal with a lot of atmosphere and some avantgarde elements, [Unbeing] should be put on the top of your list of priorities right now.”— Encyclopaedia Metallum; The Metal Archives



There are no words to describe BURNING THE OPPRESSOR. A passionate group, born from different influences and armed with a remarkable stage dynamism. Building songs around every day’s life and creating melodies with the fire inside. By the intensity of their texts and by the brutality of each riff, BTO is putting into words and sounds the suffering of a society in pain.

Since their performance at the Montebello Rockfest 2012 edition, BTO’s reputation became undeniable. Their name still resonates in the minds of all of those who have seen them live. BURNING THE OPPRESSOR has taken the metal scene with strength and burned down each and every venue they have attended. They proudly shared the scene alongside great bands like: « Skeletonwitch », « Mass Hysteria », « Anonymus », « BARF », « Reanimator », « Mass Murder Messiah ».

The band has also left its mark by its numerous concerts throughout Quebec and by the launch of their three albums: « The Ignition » (2012), followed by « Verbal Aggressor » (2013) – Each one of these albums were nominated as « Best Independant Metal Album » at both 2012 and 2014 editions of GAMIQ Awards

With the releasing of their newest album « BLOODSHED » (2017), BURNING THE OPPRESSOR brought the rage at its peak and is leading the band to pursue its ascent to the highest levels.


« A highly polished homemade product devoided of pretention, and highly entertaining! Burning the Oppressor is the equivalent of being slapped in the face, and asking for more! »

Yanick « Klimbo » Tremblay –

« Armed with his groove <…>, the Montréal lineup is ready to rip our ears appart with catchy riffs, energy and passion »


« A high recommendation to those who love to raise their fist in the air and headbang restlessly  »

Philippe Mcginnis – BANGBANG Magazine Blog


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