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Blue Jeans is a buckwheat saison hopped in the American style that underwent a short maturation process in Zinfandel barrels. A beer that will accompany you on scorching summer nights and leave you in the fall with your eyes full of tears and the hope that one day, clad in blue jeans, you’ll meet again at the beach.

Here’s in short how the beer was created:

Saison au (Paul) Sarrasin
A qui elle s'adresse

Blue Jeans is the first collaboration by the Trou du diable and the microbrewery Les Grands Bois, which will soon open its doors in St-Casimir. Using unorthodox means, the members of this soon-to-be brewery kidnapped the Trou du diable’s president and forced him to brew a beer that is so powerful that it could conquer all of the beaches in the universe.