SMaSH Mandarina Bavaria

  • Inspiration: SMaSH
  • Alcohol by Volume: 5.6% alc./vol.


SMaSH got its name from the English expression ”single malt, single hop”. Hence it is made from a single strain of hop, the Mandarina Bavaria, a German cultivar with strong hints of citrus, and of a single type of malt, the Bohemian Floor. This golden blond with cloudy highlights was inspired by American Pilsners. Its nose features intense aromas of mandarin and lemon. The palate unfolds in two layers: the initial burst of rich, grainy flavours gives way to a persistently bitter finish.

Target Clientele

The intent behind each SMaSh is to help you discover the properties and characteristics of a specific hop strain. Bavarians exiled to the United States will find in this concoction both the comfort of their former homeland and the excitement of resettling abroad.