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Broue pub & restaurant.

Located at 412 Willow avenue, our Brouepub offers 16 beers proudly brewed in Shawinigan, natural wines, non-alcoholic alternatives, a fine selection of spirits, a warm welcome as well as a fresh, generous and uncompromising cuisine.

Whether they wish to snack on a few light appetizers or enjoy hearty, comforting meals, epicureans on a gastronomic journey will find at the Trou du diable’s brewpub and restaurant a casual atmosphere in which they can reinvent the world while sharing a beer with friends.

Procuring quality products with which to create dishes for the TDD’S menu has always been our main daily challenge.  The fact that these food supplies come from Quebec, mainly the Mauricie region, ensures a greater freshness and demonstrates our attachment to the region itself and our commitment to working with the artisans of the area.

Our staff’s dedication and knowledge are one of the cornerstones of the unique experience offered by the Trou du diable.  Housed in a former apartment building from 1941, the Trou du diable’s brewpub and restaurant have been feeding beerophiles since 2005.

To provide a complete experience, the brewpub offers top quality craft beers, an interesting selection of natural wines privately imported, creative cocktails and world renowned whiskeys.



By phone only 
819 537-9151,  poste 1

Please note that call returns for booking confirmations are between 11:00am and 3pm, Tuesday through Sunday.




Our brew pub is currently rethinking itself (again) and will come back soon with a renewed offer for these weird times.

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We’ll come back with that as well 🙂

We brew
DIY spirit.