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Inspired by Jura’s sparkling wines and yellow wines, this oxidative beer is composed of a blend of the oldest barrels in our cellar. It displays an amber colour and features a nose of honey, hazelnuts and spices. The slightly woody and pleasantly acidulous palate will warm up your soul in this twelfth year of the Trou du diable’s existence. We’re looking forward to the continued pleasure of drinking excellent beer with you, until the next sublime number!

Blend of barrel-aged beers
Ale|Belgian|Belgian + Wild Yeasts + Ale|Sauvages
Who it is for

A sublime number is a positive integer which has a perfect number of positive divisors and whose positive divisors add up to another perfect number. Until now, science has only discovered two of those numbers. The fisrt being 12, the second being 6,086,555,670,238,378,989,670,371,734,243,169,622,657,830,773,351,885,970,528,324,860,512,791,691,264. Trou du diable’s 12 th anniversary beer.