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Batt’rie d’char

Batt’rie d’char

Inspired by the classic Czech session lagers Tmavé Výčepní, Batt’rie d’char is a black beer with a mahogany-coloured veil and a lively effervescence.  Its dense espresso crema head gives off aromas of toasted bread and of the fruits typical of this type of lager yeast.  On the palate, a wide array of malt and chocolate flavours arise, without any bitterness or heaviness, and come together to offer a refreshing beverage that encourages excess.

Tmavé Výčepní
Who it is for

Batt’rie d’char is the third beer of a series commemorating 10 years of work of a member of the Trou du diable’s team. Conceived by Mathieu Richard and brewed under the watchful eye of André, it is a celebration of dedication, dark humour and quiet strength.