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Kveik King

Kveik King

Kveik King is a cloudy, orange-hued beer with a nose of stone fruits and spices. The palate is juicy, round and smooth and unfolds like a slightly woody peach juice, courtesy of the tiny amount of smoked malt and juniper berries used during the brewing process. Created in collaboration with Vöss microbrewery, this beer evokes the freshness of springtime in a Norwegian fjord.

Ale norvégienne
Who it is for

Dag Jørgensen, master brewer and former champion skydiver of Norway’s national team, uses a Kveik yeast strain from Vossevangen in his brewery. However, the one used for the fermentation process of this collaborative beer comes from Hornindal, a valley located on the other side of the high mountains near Vossevangen. Despite their geographic proximity, this natural barrier, combined with hundreds of years of completely different use from one valley to another, was enough to give them entirely distinct signatures. SKOL!